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Canvas Jewelry

 New Arrivals

Now at Center Drugs is Canvas Jewelry.  This unique line of jewelry is VERY affordably priced and is the HOT gift of the season! 

Canvas is our new jewelry collection that is as unique as you are!  These fun bangles, necklaces and earrings give you the freedom to express your attitude through your jewelry in a variety of designs inspired by color, diversity, travel and fashion!









InisThe fresh scent of Inis energizes and makes you feel close to the sea - no matter where you are!  This sparkling, clean unisex fragrance captures the coolness and  purity of the ocean.  Inis Moonlight is our new scent and it is a soft, sensuous, ocean inspired fragrance.  Inis Moonlight captures the magical feeling of a moonlit stroll on the beach.  The sister scent to Inis, it is especially lovely for an evening out - light, airy, yet luxuriously feminine!

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